Sequence is a video storytelling platform that enables brands to craft a narrative and have contributors tell the story their own way.  

Video is todays marketing currency and 80% of all internet traffic in 2019 will be driven by it.  Connecting with customers amidst the noise of all types of online communication is nearly impossible, but video cuts through the noise because it's personal, vulnerable and creates authenticity. 


With low budget corporate video production starting at $5,000 for one piece of video content it has been cost prohibitive for most businesses to engage.  The skill required to learn how to shoot and edit video is significant and time consuming but now, Sequence makes it possible anyone with a smartphone to create video content like a professional and for nearly no cost at all.

With the incredible talent and vision of past Dreamworks Principal Engineer, Gene Ragan, Sequence Video is a reality.  Anyone can now produce branded video in seconds that looks and feels like high quality traditional production.  Users follow a step by step workflow that helps the creator capture or upload the right content into a video that is already designed for the brand. 

Now, thousands of simultaneous content creators can generate a personalized branded video that is on brand and affordable.

- Randy Both, CEO